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Pure EVil MMA 145 “Gaethje Reaction |Misfit Ferea BKB2 Exclusive| Sumter In Studio | Craig Allen”

August 28, 2018

On this latest episode of Pure EVil MMA EVil Eddie is joined by multiple guests on one show once again as asked, including an IN STUDIO GUEST, Justin Sumter, who shares his experience at DWTNCS Week 7 and whats next for both him and teammate Nick Newell. Justin alsp shares a scaey ghosy story that makes even EVil Eddie shook!. "Misfit" Ferea calls in to give an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW directly aftre her "FIGHT" this weekend at BKFC2. Craig Allen starts the show off with a reaction to this weekends UFC card between Gaethje vs Vivk then dive right into Showtime vs Tony, Cyborg vs Amanda.

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