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Conspiracies w/ TUF 5 Vet Robert “The Saint” Emerson Of Team BJ Penn! | PURE EVIL MMA #262 |

Conspiracies with TUF 5 Vet Robert "The Saint" Emerson Of Team BJ Penn!

A BRAND NEW SERIES ON CONSPIRACIES with Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Vet Robert "The Saint" Emerson from team BJ Penn! Spirituality, Third Eye, Hollow Earth Theory, Emerald Tablets & MUCH MORE!

UFC CHAMP Sean Sherk AND #1 In State Tegan Sherk | Pure EVil MMA #261 |

On a special episode of Pure EVil MMA we are joined by the former UFC Champion and Legend SEAN SHERK who is joined by one of his sons Tegan. The reason Tegan is joining the program is due to his success within the Minnesotan boys wrestling scene at 97lbs and is NUMBER ONE IN THE STATE at 97lbs!

The Champ goes on to discuss some of his favorite moments from his career, his retirement life, why he called out Royce Grace back in 2016 and what its like seeing his son follow his footsteps!

Video will be uploaded to our youtube MONDAY NIGHT!


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MMA Jeopardy: Historic •Juice vs Rhino 2• REMATCH

The Long Awaited Rematch of Juice vs Rhino in MMA Trivia is finally here!

Going Down as one of the most INTENSE AND LEGENDARY episodes to date that will just leave you all screaming for more!!! Last month we held an MMA Trivia Tournament where we saw Juice and Rhino clear their competition out with their MMA Knowledge but only ONE MAN took home bragging rights…. JUICE!!!!

NOW the game has changed as we set up a completely interactive game show where both Contestants will actually be able to BUZZ in directly from their cell phones to answer questions in this mock Up of Jeopardy!

You DO NOT Want To Miss This One!

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GLOVES OFF: “WHY Jones WON | Rogan vs Smith | FUNNY KIMBO Stories | McSweeneys BIG SECRET REVEALED | Conor vs Cowboy RECAP” (Season 2 EP:1) |

Welcome back to James McSweeneys GLOVES OFF Podcast (Season 2 Ep.1)

with UFC and Ultimate Fighter Season 10 James McSweeney and Long Time MMA Broadcaster EVil Eddie! On this episode the guys kick things off right out the gate with the biggest story of this past week inside the MMA Scene with Jon Bones Jones vs Reyes controversial scoring. James gives listeners all the reasons on why this fight was in favor of the Champion and what he would have done if it was his fighter in both corners as a coach.

Also a rundown on the drama going back and forth between Joe Rogan and Stephan A Smith is put to rest and a look back at UFC McGregor vs Cowboy

FAN REQUESTS: As requested by all our listeners out there James gives everyone some more Kimbo Slice Stories from his stay in the house on The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 that makes EVil Eddie fall out of his seat!

Finally the reason this episode will go down in history as a special moment in the history of James career....... YEP HIS BIG SECRETE ANNOUNCEMENT COMES OUT AT THE END OF TODAYS PROGRAM AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS WHAT HE HAS TO SAY!!!!

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*Intense* McGregor vs Cowboy Preview & BEST OF 2019!!!!

EVil Eddie and Donny Rockett of PureEVilMMA.com give listeners exactly what they have been asking for and dive right into this upcoming PPV between Conor McGregor and Cowboy Cerrone followed by a brush up on the best moments of 2019 inside the MMA Scene! Who are the most influential fighters of the Decade? What qualifies a fighter to be most influential? All this and much more on todays episode of Pure EVil MMA! 

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YOU CANT MISS THIS ONE!!! In this hilarious Episode you'll slide head first into DAY 4 of our MMA TRIVIA SEMIFINALS with Fighting With Myself Podcast Host "JUICE" as he serenades everyone with his freestyle SKILLS right from the jump that puts T-Wood to shame! EVil Eddie challenges juice with some pretty intense questions that NO CASUAL could ever answer but did he really put his MMA KNOWLEDGE to the Ultimate test..or is Juice just THAT GOOD... ALSO witness some very concerning moments where its quit evident that Juice may be a REAL LIFE GSP STALKER... UMMMM....😳😧. WELL JUST WAIT AND YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF! Comment below if you find this a bit obsessive with his scary overload of details about GSP..... yeah just wait!!!!! 


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NEW YEARS SPECIAL | Year Review | Weekend RECAP!

EVil Eddie is back with PureEVilMMA.com Staff Member of the year, Donny Rockett just seconds after covering PFL and watching the Ball drop in Time Square. They guys relive all the best moments of 2019 and highlight the weekends most memorable moments between BELLATOR/ RIZIN + PFL. Also a preview of whats to come in the first quarter of 2020 with the UFC kicking off the year with Conor McGregor vs Cowboy! Get all the results at www.PureEVilMMA.com and let us know what you think about todays topics via social media Twitter: @PureEVilMMA_ Instagram: @PureEVilMMA_ Facebook: @PureEVilMMAz

UFC 245 Recap Show!!!!

Relive all the magic that ended a decade this past weekend at UFC 245 between 3 title fights and a few controversial judging! EVil Eddie and Donny Rockett are back with their weekly recap show for PureEVilMMA.com

Ep.254 | The Truth | UFC D.C RECAP | Khabib April Fools? & MORE

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA Podcast hosted by EVil Eddie and special co host Donny Rockett ( @Drockett6969). Relive UFC D.C and all the madness that we waited 3 weeks for! Also is Khabib vs Tony seriously booked or April...? The Truth about Conor McGregor then vs Now and MUCH MORE!!!


MMA Conspiracies | Wilder vs Ortiz | Paddy vs JOE DRAMA & MORE!!! |

Monday November 25th!

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA Podcast with EVil Eddie. Today were joined with guest Co-Host Donny Rockett (@drockett69) of PureEVilMMA.com to discuss the latest trending stories inside the MMA Scene.

Todays Topics Include:

  • Wilder vs Ortiz Reaction
  • MMA Conspiracies
  • Conor vs Cowboy 2020
  • Aniah Blanchard UPDATE 
  • + MORE!!!

(as of the time publishing this episode we have noq found out that the body of Aniah has been found along with a 2nd suspect in the case. FULL STORY HERE: https://pureevilmma.com/2019/11/25/aniah-blanchards-remains-thought-to-have-been-found-in-alabama/ )


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EP.253 Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA with Host EVil Eddie and welcoming our latest member to the PureEVilMMA.com STAFF Donny Rockett who gives listeners an update on the latest discoveries in the Aniah Blanchard case. Police have now released a Photo of NEW SUSPECT in the Case from the convenient store where Aniah was last seen. Read the rest of this entry »

EP.251 | UFC Boston RECAP| BKFC | McGregor DONE? #MMA #UFC

Welcome back to EP.251 of Pure EVil MMA w/ special guest @FWM_POD to help breakdown all the latest NEWS going around the scene including : UFC Boston Recap GREG HARDY DRAMA -Weidmans future -Yair Going BAD? -JOE and RANDY 1st RD Finish BKFC RECAP -Main Event -Artem vs Jason Knight 2? Wany vs Werdum...? and Conor McGregor back in the news but not in a good way...... is he the next Jon Jones or does he still have a chance to swing the bat and become an icon again? Stay up on ALL the latest MMA News at www.PureEVilMMA.com Follow On Social Media: TWITTER: @evil_ecco / @PureEVilMMA_ INSTAGRAM: @PureEVilMMA_ FACEBOOK: @PureEVilMMAz


Welcome back to our 250th EPISODE of Pure EVil MMA with Special Guest Matt Frevola who is coming fresh off his win at UFC Tampa vs Violent Bob Ross. EVil Eddie gets TROLLED BY A FAKE LUIS PENA LIVE ON AIR until the REAL VBR clears the air on the show for us.

Also the SCARIEST GHOST STORIES IN MMA HISTORY is shared with owner of AMMO FIGHT LEAGUE Bill Vigil.

An update on all the latest MMA News including

  • Cain signing with the WWE
  • Artem vs Jason Knight 2
  • Stylebender being the next big star in the eyes of the new era UFC fans
  • & MUCH MORE!

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Ep.249| MMA News Madness w/ Lil LEXI C & Slap 4 Cash |

Were back and i have a lot to run down inside the MMA scene but we also have 2 celebrities joining the show between Lil Lexi C of MTV and the LIL XAN Music and Slap 4 Cash from the Logan Paul Viral Video

(EP.248) PREVIEW w/ Josh Dyer Of Valor BK1

Pure EVil MMA is Back After a long week with a preview of TODAYS SHOW dropping at 8pm ET (September 27th 2019) #ValorBK #MMA #UFC #PureEVilMMA #ESPN


EVil Eddie switches things up for a special episode and takes a break from MMA News coverage to be joined by his best friend and old Drummer Brandon whos visiting from Texas for a few days. The two catch up and discuss the struggles of life in your early 30's and reflect on issues like:

  • Responsibilities With Our Platforms + Freedoms
  • Music Therapy
  • Teenage Angst 
  • Online Dating
  • Aaron Lewis Standing Up For Molested Girl In Crowd
  • Toxic Relationships and when to distance yourself 

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BJ Penn Fired/ UFC 242 Preview / McGregor SUCKS & MORE!!!


Catch up on all the latest MMA News with EVil Eddie as he goes deep in this long awaited episode that my be the best show of the year!!!!

BJ Penn Fired

McGregor a loser and Letdown

UFC 242 preview


GLOVES OFF: DC vs Stipe 2 Preview / Worst MMA Injuries / Cyborg Gone?

Welcome back to another episode of GLOVES OFF hosted by UFC / TUF 10 Vet, James McsSweeney and Pure EVil MMA Owner EVil Eddie.  On this weeks program the guys breakdown UFC 241 DC vs Stipe 2 and share picks of the Worst Injuries In MMA History after watching Mike Perry get his nose broken from a brutal Knee this past weekend. Also James talks about the Cris Cyborg situation with Dana White and begins weighing out her options with other fight promotions! To end the show James answers your fan questions and EVil Eddie gives a rapid fire list of the latest MMA Headlines to keep you all in the loop in case you missed anything! 

WEEKLY UPDATE: w/ A.T.T Coach PHIL DARU Talks Dustin vs Khabib / CYBORG Racist Tweet & MORE!

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA with a healed up EVil Eddie bringing back the rich format listeners crave, after an unfortunate flooding of the studio.

On todays program we catch up on the latest MMA News inside the MMA scene including Cris Cyborgs unfortunate week being released by Dana White and then putting out a racist instagram story about her African friends and KFC Chicken!
Hear from this weeks special guest, American Top Teams S&C Coach Phil Daru who is preparing Dustin for his upcoming Title fight vs UFC LW Champion Khabib. Coach Phil shares how Joanna Champion was able to get his instagram account back after being hit with a copyright claim from back in 2017! He also dives deep into some of the other champions and well known fighters he works with including his long friendship with Tecia Torres and watching Gillian Robertson blossom over the years!
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Timmy Tyler “The Real Is On The Rise”

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA. On todays program you will be hearing from young up and comer Timmy Tyler who we spoke with 3 years ago when he was making his Pro Debut on the regional circuit vs Ed Shupe. Hear what Timmy has been up to and where he plans on heading in the next 6 months!

( Sorry For The Quality due to the studio flooding but the next show will be back to normal quality)

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