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“How I Survived Addiction After My Girl Friends Death & Using Healthy Outlets”

April 4, 2018

"For anyone out there thats going through a hard time or has dealt with loss, this ones for you!"

Note To Listeners: I was asked from so many of you guys over the past few years to share my story of how i overcame addiction after losing my girlfriend and how MMA has saved my life. So here it is guys! I drove out to my old neighborhood to meet up with my old drummer, Bradley Corners from "Death By Mourning" "This Is Life" (MUSIC ON YOUTUBE) who flew in from Texas a few days ago when finding out his 96 year old grandmother had hours left to live. We discus dealing with our best friends suicide and how we decided to deal with our personal struggles when we found ourselvs in a dark place. I hope you enjoy this switch up episode and lmk if you would like more down the road. Share your stories with me on instagram @PureEVilMMA or Twitter @evil_ecco