Mar 30, 2017

EVil & IntoxicaTED #42 - Ref Bill Bookwalter + VFC champ Rob Emerson

On todays show "Evil" Eddie Villecco and Ted Czech talk to MMA ref Bill Bookwalter and double VFC Champion Robert "The Saint" Emerson.

We also discuss the lates in MMA News

Bellator: Rampage vs King Mo

Bellator 180 PPV ( Pass or Buy)

Marcin Tybura vs Arvlovski is discussed

Ronda Rousey making her re-return + MORE

Mar 27, 2017

| Special Upload | “World Champion + UFC Vet Jason Reinhardt”

Today we have a special guest joining us in Jason Reinhart who shares some entertaining stories hes never shared publicly about his time in the UFC and fighting for World Titles overseas. From breaking his neck during a fight and coming back to win, to sleeping outside the day before one of his fights in the UFC, we cover weight cutting issues, creating a "Legends Division" and much more.

Mar 25, 2017

EVil & IntoxicaTED #41 : “With UFC Legend Brad Kohler”

On todays episode Evil Eddie and Ted Czech talk with UFC Vet and Brad Kohler who fought at UFC 15.5 and UFC 22. Brad talks about creating a Legends League and would like to fight Ken Shamrock. He also shares some stories of him Bas and Coleman from the early days of UFC.
We quickly RECAP UFC London,
UFC 210 + More

Mar 24, 2017

Pure EVil MMA #41 ” UFC 210 + Lindsey, Highfill, Cole, Cole, DiNella”

Evil Eddie is back again this week with a stacked show of guests from SHamrock FC and Cage Titans and a recap of this weeks top news circiling MMA.

(3:33)_ Weekend Recap UFC London

(8:10)_ Valor Fights 41 Recap with Chandler Cole

(26:16)_ UFC Pickem London Winners

(28:13)_ MMA NEWS

(48:13)_ UFC Vet Jake Lindsey stops by to talks about his upcoming fight against Aaron Highfill at Shamrock FC 286 March 24th

(1:10:47)_ Aaron Highfill calls us while driving to talk about his upcoming fight against Jake Lindsey and gets pulled over by law enforcment while we close up.

(1:18:36)_ MMA Trivia

(1:26:50)_ Members Of The Week

(1:28:09)_ Coltin Cole of Shamrock FC joins us to disucc his co main event fight.

(1:38:25)_ BJ Penn vs Dennis Siver in Oklahoma City

(1:40:57)_ Mike DiNella of Cage Titans, gets real with us to wrap up todays show and discuss his upcoming fight at Cage Titans 33 April 8th.

(158:24)_ UFC 210 and Upcoming EVENTS




Mar 20, 2017

| WEEKLY MMA NEWS | Special Upload |

EVil Eddie & Ted Czech give fight fans a weekly recap of the latest MMA News on EVil & IntoxicaTED episode 40.
UFC Cuts
DC Upset with UFC 210 Promo
War Machiene Court Update
Who Does Manuwa Fight Next?
Jon Jones In Trouble Again False News?
Gastelum vs Silva
Tune In to EVil & IntoxicaTED Live Every Wed 10 pm ET and become part of the show by join the LIVE CHAT ROOM



Mar 19, 2017

| UFC London Recap |

From Manuwa vs Anderson walks off KO to the first fight against Lina Lansberg getting the win in a Bisping type fashion! Relive the best and worst moments of UFC London with EVil Eddie ( @PureEVilMMA ) Also announced during the show is our UFC Pickem Winners from #PureEVilMMA Army out there.

Make sure to comeback Monday AM for for Episode 41 of Pure EVil MMA on Itunes Podbean and Youtube!

Mar 18, 2017

| UFC London Breakdown | EVil & IntoxicaTED #40 (Special Podcast Upload)

| UFC London Breakdown | EVil & IntoxicaTED #40

March 18, 2017

| March 18, 2017 UFC London |
EVil Eddie and Ted Czech crack open UFC London with just a few hours away here as we set off Fight Night Exclusively on UFC Fight Pass. Also making a special guest appearance on todays show, Jeff Stinson
TED: @TedCzech
EVil Eddie: @PureEVilMMA / @evil_ecco
Jeff : @JeffMStinson

Mar 16, 2017

Pure EVil MMA #40 “UFC London’s Bamgbose + Fight News + Olave”

This week EVil Eddie is back during the Blizzard of 17' with another stacked show with inspring UFC fighters and the latest in MMA News + Media.

(11:26)_ FN 106 Quick Recap

(17:59)_ UFC Pickem Winners with Minion McGrognon

(20:26)_ UFC Middleweight Oluwale "Holy War Angel" Bamgbose Joins us to talk about his upcoming fight this weekend on UFC London Manuwa vs Anderson Card on UFC Fight Pass in London.

(41:20)_ MMA Trivia Segment


(1:06:13)_ Alexander Olave joins us to discuss his upcoming fight Strike OFF 9 against Shawn Joffe April 8th

(1:25:37)_ MEMBERS OF THE WEEK with Minion McGrognon

(1:27:20)_ UFC: Manuwa vs Anderson Card Preview


Mar 12, 2017

FN 106: Fight Recap Show

EVil Eddie gives fight fans his reactions to UFC Fight Night 106 Gastelum vs Belfort.

From the Main Event Down tot he Prelims, giving the night an overall rating and Fight Of The Night Honors.

Mar 10, 2017

(Special Upload) | UFC Vet ,Dennis “SuperMan” Hallman |

UFC Vet, Dennis "Superman" Hallman and talk about the incident in India where he had to rush into the cage to save his fighter and also recaps his incodent with Ronda Rousey and her coach on Season 17 of The Ultimate Fighter alongside Team Tate.

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