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Wednesday Rewind: Jose “Shorty” Torres / UFC 22’s, Brad Kohler / UFC Vet. Dennis Hallman”

February 21, 2018


  • Holding the early record for quickest KO in UFC History at UFC 22 with a 30 second knockout over Steve Judson, Brad Kohler stops by to discuss his latest workout invention thats taking over the MMA Gym Community by storm, the "Combo Hitter". He gets into his thoughts on the so called "Money Era" + Fighters finding their place at the age 40+ with other outlets besides fighting.
  • Our second rewind interview is with a true mans mans, known for starting a fight on TUF: Rousey vs Tate, against Rondas coach Edmond, and hes also known for wearing a banana hammoc inside the octagon for his fights. Dennis Hallman joins EVil Eddie and Ted Czech to actually dicuss his fight on with Edmond that aired to millions at home and the real reason he was wearing a thing inside gthe octagon.
  • Finally our last guest of the REWIND is with future star, Jose "Shorty" Torres, who appeared on this podcast in 2016 and again in 2017. Recently Shorty made it big by appearing on "The MMA Hour" before his fight last weekend an followed it up by winning with a highlight reel finish via TKO, 

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