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UFC Utica + BKB PPV Recap / Weekly Headlines w/ 10th Planets LauraLies

June 3, 2018

This weeks UFC Utica card is the topic of discussion with EVil Eddie and fellow MyMMANews journalist and 10th Planet Blue Belt, Laura Kent ( @LauraLies10P  ) but with so many headlines this week there was just too much to unravel and digest. 

On Todays Podcast:

  • UFC Utica
  • ESPN Deal And UFC Fight Pass Mess
  • Mike Bisping Retires In Bizarrely Quiet Way
  • BKB Event A Success Or Fail?
  • Weight Cutting And Judging Fail Disconnects
  • Rankings Are A Joke Or Are They Needed?
  • EBI Up Kicks Legalized + MORE!

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