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“TOXIC MMA MEDIA” w/ Leon Davis

July 27, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA with host EVil Eddie of PureEVilMMA.com

On todays deep and touching program you will be hearing from rising East Coast Star Leon Davis who is recently coming off a very chaotic weekend and has a message for MMA MEDIA AND FANS who Cyber Bully before finding out ALL THE DETAILS, after his opponent showed up under the influence and wasn't allowed to fight. However that is where fans and media jumped the gun and began attacking his opponent by posting very insulting memes about him and tearing down his worth inside the MMA scene as a fighter but what they didn't know was Leons opponents father had passed away just 4 hours before the fights and he STILL SHOWED UP TO THE EVENT! Not many people would show up after losing a parent within a few hours! 

Hear the entire story and how Leon Davis went about handling the situation while watching tons of fans and Media members gang up and cyber bully his opponent. 

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