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Pure EVil MMA #33 : “Jet Black New Year Show”

January 12, 2017

EVil Eddie starts the show filling everyone in on his journey to New York City on New Years Eve with Frenchy and Front Proof Media. (04:50)

UFC 207 Round Table Discussion with East Coasts Kerry Stellar & Ben Hacker after an unforgettable New Years Eve at Madison Square Gardens. (15:45)

UFC 207 Pick'em Winners are Announced. (43:58)

Kevin "KING KEVI" Sears joins us to talks about his upcoming fight at Shamrock FC 282 Jan 14th against Kelvin Tiller . (46:00)

Members Of The Week (1:00:00)

Kelvin Tiller of Shamrock FC drops in and shares with everyone what were going o see Jan 14th when he takes on Kevin "KING KEVI" Sears for SHamrock FC 282. (1:01:24)


Garret Gross, who will be fighting in the CO MAIN EVENT of SHamrock FC against Deron Carlis, joins us. (1:33:18)

2017 NEW MMA RULES (1:44:31)

Deron Carlis of Shamrock FC talks with us about how he is preparing for his fight Jan 14th against Garret Gross in the CO MAIN EVENT. (1:49:49)

EVil Eddie has an announcement about our NEXT episode (2:00:29)