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Latest MMA Headlines With IN Studio Guest Fighter Harrison Adamo (3-2)

September 5, 2018

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA! Today EVil Eddie has a live in studio guest out of Andrew Callendrelli's gym in Connecticut, (3-2) Harrison Adamo whos coming off a 1st round RNC finish. EVil Eddie calls our Harrison for a tweet he had between himself and Nick Newell, Ffalse information inside MMA Media and touch on all the latest MMA Headlines.


  • CBD Oil & MMA
  • Cowboy vs Jacksons
  • Missing Weight In The UFC
  • How FIghters Maintain Postive Mind Sets
  • Traning With CT's own 2x LHW WBC Champion Chad Dawson
  • McGregor vs Khabib
  • & MORE!!!!

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