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GLOVES OFF #17 | Fighters Worst Nightmare Comes TRUE | UFC 239 RECAP | RETURN OF FABER & MORE!!!

July 9, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of GLOVES OFF hosted by EVil Eddie and UFC / Ultimate Fighter Season 10 first Pick James McSweeney!

On today's program James returns from Germany and is fired up after his opponent didn't show up to any of the promotions obligations including weigh ins but arrived the day of the fight only to shove James backstage by the bathrooms and an hour later accuse him of trying to cheat by wearing Vaseline in which caused a big uproar backstage before the fight even began! He then goes on to tell us exactly what happened in his fight as fans witnessed his opponet STEPPING ON HIS NECK after the 1st round and why there was a riot that broke out at Mix Fight Championships! 

Also a recap of UFC 239 and the return of Urijah Faber next weekend, James explains the realities of Ring Rust and what we can expect when Faber steps inside the octagon once again after a short retirement!

Watch VIDEOCAST Here: https://youtu.be/Q3aZzN8FlgA  

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