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(EXCLUSIVE UPLOAD) Damien And Chicky Ep #3 Splitcast with Pure EVil MMA

March 22, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA! On today's program we have a special surprise for everyone out there!!!!! A split-cast with Damien And Chicky for their 3rd episode where EVil Eddie travels out of state to a secrete location to record an entertaining episode filled with refreshing laughter and topics that inlcude the struggle of podcasting and what Damien And Chicky have to offer the community this year with their brand new podcast that also includes hilarious segments on their instagram and much more entertainment throughout 2019 as they blossom the biggest podcast in history! You will hear it first RIGHT HERE ON PURE EVIL MMA!!!!!

Make sure to check out DamienAndChicky.com for more entertaining laughter to brighten up your day!!!