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“TOXIC MMA MEDIA” w/ Leon Davis

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA with host EVil Eddie of PureEVilMMA.com

On todays deep and touching program you will be hearing from rising East Coast Star Leon Davis who is recently coming off a very chaotic weekend and has a message for MMA MEDIA AND FANS who Cyber Bully before finding out ALL THE DETAILS, after his opponent showed up under the influence and wasn't allowed to fight. However that is where fans and media jumped the gun and began attacking his opponent by posting very insulting memes about him and tearing down his worth inside the MMA scene as a fighter but what they didn't know was Leons opponents father had passed away just 4 hours before the fights and he STILL SHOWED UP TO THE EVENT! Not many people would show up after losing a parent within a few hours! 

Hear the entire story and how Leon Davis went about handling the situation while watching tons of fans and Media members gang up and cyber bully his opponent. 

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UFC Vet Leo Kuntz Talks Drug Addiction & How To ESCAPE!

In one of this years most open, inspiring and entertaining episodes of 2019 we are joined by UFC Veteran Leo "The Lion" Kuntz who dives deep into his past dealings with drug addiction at 16 years old and how he was able to turn his life around and work his way up to the biggest fight promotion on the planet! Kuntz also discusses his beef with Dillon Dannis that went viral not long ago and his relationship with Adam Hunter of "MMA ROASTED".

This is an episode you CANT MISS!

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UFC RECAP | Joe Giannetti SHOT IN BACK By AMMO Fight | EP.239 |

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA with Host EVil Eddie! On this weeks program we are joined by TUF 27 finalist Joe Giannetti after a very controversial weekend due to his fight being called off last second and tells us that he was told it was because the owner of AMMO FIGHT League called into the Athletic Commission stating that Cage Titans stole their fight. However Joe tells us that he never signed any legal documents that tied him to this fight and doesn't understand why anyone would go out of their way last second to do this to him.  Also we recap UFC Sacramento and relive all the best moments between Fabers epic return and another controversial win for G.D.R in the main event!

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Melvin Guillard EXCLUSIVE “Id Do It Again Too”

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA podcast with special guest and UFC legend Melvin Guillard who makes his first apperence since being released from prison and finishing probation after an incident at the bar that was reported all over the world and covered heavily by the MMA scene including TMZ!

Melvin goes deep in on what exactly happend that night and makes a big announcement regarding his career moving forward in 2019 that gives us a feel of the brand new motivated Melvin Guillard and its an interview you dont wanna miss!

GLOVES OFF #17 | Fighters Worst Nightmare Comes TRUE | UFC 239 RECAP | RETURN OF FABER & MORE!!!

Welcome back to another episode of GLOVES OFF hosted by EVil Eddie and UFC / Ultimate Fighter Season 10 first Pick James McSweeney!

On today's program James returns from Germany and is fired up after his opponent didn't show up to any of the promotions obligations including weigh ins but arrived the day of the fight only to shove James backstage by the bathrooms and an hour later accuse him of trying to cheat by wearing Vaseline in which caused a big uproar backstage before the fight even began! He then goes on to tell us exactly what happened in his fight as fans witnessed his opponet STEPPING ON HIS NECK after the 1st round and why there was a riot that broke out at Mix Fight Championships! 

Also a recap of UFC 239 and the return of Urijah Faber next weekend, James explains the realities of Ring Rust and what we can expect when Faber steps inside the octagon once again after a short retirement!

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Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA with EVil Eddie as he relives the best moments from UFC 239 and responds to some of the negativity thats been going around the scene after last nights event!

UFC 239 FIGHT COMPANION w/ Damien & Chicky

Relive an EPIC night of fights with EVil Eddie Damien and Chicky as they react to UFC 239 fight card and history being made between Masvidals 5 second finish and Amanda Nunes destroying Holly Holm with a brutal head-kick to cement herself as the greatest female fighter of all time!!!!

4TH OF JULY SPECIAL “War Of Podcasts” with the Juice

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy this new episode from Pure EVil MMA with sopecial guest Juice from "Fighting With Myself" Podcast. Will EVil Eddie and Juice squash their beef that began on twitter this week.... listen and find out for yourself!

Dakota Cochrane Responds To Win Over Chris Leben At BKFC 6

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA Podcast with EVil Eddie. On today's program you will be hearing from TUF/UFC Vet Dakota Cochrane who talks about his recent victory over TUF1 Legend, Chris Leben last weekend at BKFC 6. Dakota also gives his take on all the support and attention he has got in the last few weeks leading up to this event. stay up on all the latest MMA News, Interviews and results at www.PureEVilMMA.com

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Special Announcement With Shawn Teed Of CFFC

Welcome back to Pure EVil MMA ep.233 with special guest fighter Shawn Teed as seen on DWTNCS who has a special announcement for everyone! He also talks about training alongside Frankie Edgar for the last 10 years and UFC Corey Anderson who Shawn has been going hunting with recently. Teed also shares his thoughts on UFC Ngannou vs JDS before giving EVil Eddie some diet tips.


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