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Fighters React To McGregor DRAMA on GLOVES OFF w/ James McSweeney

James McSweeney gives his reaction as a fighter to the recent headlines and drama of Conor McGregor retiring via Twitter late last night on the latest episode of GLOVES OFF Podcast!


EVil Eddie give his reaction to the latest news about McGregor announcing his early retirement in a tweet late last night after appearing on a Talk Show. IS Conor Trolling us all? Here is the complete story and details on why it may or may not be true!

(EXCLUSIVE UPLOAD) Damien And Chicky Ep #3 Splitcast with Pure EVil MMA

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA! On today's program we have a special surprise for everyone out there!!!!! A split-cast with Damien And Chicky for their 3rd episode where EVil Eddie travels out of state to a secrete location to record an entertaining episode filled with refreshing laughter and topics that inlcude the struggle of podcasting and what Damien And Chicky have to offer the community this year with their brand new podcast that also includes hilarious segments on their instagram and much more entertainment throughout 2019 as they blossom the biggest podcast in history! You will hear it first RIGHT HERE ON PURE EVIL MMA!!!!!

Make sure to check out DamienAndChicky.com for more entertaining laughter to brighten up your day!!!

GLOVES OFF #13 “The MCGregor Effect | Bisping HOF | AND NEW |

Welcome back to another episode of Gloves Off hosted by UFC Vet James MCSweeney and Pure EVil MMA;s EVil Eddie. On Todays show we will be discussing the latest headlines inside the MMA Scene like:
Where do we draw the line with Shit Talking?
The Conor McGregor Effect
The Mental Side Of A title Fight
Overcoming Mental Walls
Trolling vs Fans And What Really Matters In Life
JDS Still Relevant
Bisping Hall OF Fame


Today on the Pure EVil MMA Podcast we are joined by Macy Chiasson who Is coming fresh off her UFC 235 1st RD TKO victory that placed her at #14 inside the BW division and broke a record for the 5th quickest TKO Finish in Bantamweight history just behind Ronda Rousey & Amanda Nunes.
Macy tells us when she wants to get back inside the octagon and reflects on this weekends event. She answers fan questions the supporters sent in and tells everyone about her experience on The Ultimate Fighter with Team Kelvin.
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EVil Eddie is back to relive the craziness that was UFC London in the Main Event between Jorge Masvidal vs Darren Till only to end backstage between Masvidal and Edwards!!!! Relive the best and most wild moments of the week like McGregor being arrested once again, Ferguson Family Issues and obviously including UFC London highlights and breakdown.


Welcome back to Pure EVil MMA Podcast. Today on the show we are joined by TUF 1 VET Sam Hoger to help clear up some of the lies we heard from Sage Northcutt on Below The Belt where he said he had no actual MMA training or training partners leading up to his UFC debut. This was brought to my attention from listeners of the podcast who sent me the links from instagram where Sage clearly denies he had any training up until now and was called out for it. Sam Hoger helps to clear up any confusion and share how he felt when he heard this interview after countless hours of helping Sage prepare for the next step in his career before going to Grace Barra.

Is MMA Shit Talk Crossing The Line? | Damien Trites Has A Message For New Fighters

Welcome back to Pure EVil MMA! Today we are joined by a true vet, Damien "The Omen" Trites, who discusses the new age of MMA turning down a dangerous path after fighters like Conor McGregor blew up by running his mouth and winning his fights. Now fighters think talking shit or herrasing people is the only way to make a name for themselves but what happens when you piss off the wrong person? What happens when a line is crossed with family beliefs and having respect? Do fighters know the difference anymore between promoting yourself or fight and crossing the line where it becomes threatening. What happens when the wrong person is offended? Social media is also another tool that people are using to push buttons and start conflict. Damien makes some great points about this issue and wants to raise awareness of the dangers that one day will happen like we saw between Conor and Khabib a few months back. Where do we draw the line?

WEEKLY RECAP w/ Rodney James Edgar

relive the best and worst moments of this weekend.Hear from Rodney James Edgar who is returning from UFC 235 and spoke with the entire card before and after the event.


Welcome back to Pure EVil MMA Podcast for an exciting "FIGHT COMPANION" following UFC 235 where EVil Eddie and the staff over at PureEVilMMA.com bring this card to life for fans who cannot afford the $70.00 for these 5 fights. Relive the best moments of the PPV and get insight and reactions to all the action unfolding starting from Zabit vs Stephens all the way through the main card leading up to Jon Jones vs Smith. As you may already know there were plenty of moments in this card that stood out, making this event stick out as one of the best we have seen in the last year.

UFC 235 RECAP SHOW w MMA Legend Houston Alexander!!!!!!!

HE IS BACK!!!! We have a treat for MMA FANS!!! Surprise guest Houston Alexander just called in randomly wanting to discuss UFC 235 and breakdown the main card controversies to give insight as a vet and share what was possibly going through these fighters minds and the ref calls. This was not scheduled to go down but luckily I was on the studio couch eating Chinese and drinking whisky when I saw my phone light up saying that the legend Houston Alexander was calling into talk to the Pure EVil MMA community!!! ENJOY!!!! 

HOUSTON ALEXANDER Shares Untold Stories & Talks UFC 235!!!!

Today on Pure EVil MMA we welcome legendary Fighter Houston Alexander whos been in so many unforgettable fights inside the UFC including his 48 seconds win vs Keith Jardine in what was on one the biggest upsets of all time back at UFC 71. Alexander goes on to share never before told stories about his fight vs Kimbo Slice. Not many fighters are able to get back on their feet after their career but for Houston Alexander its the exact opposite! Alexander was always an artists and was an influential Graffiti artist before evert stepping foot inside a cage. Hear his story and see what he has been up to in the past few years since we last saw him in the cage.

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EVIL EDDIE IS BACK TO GET LISTENERS FIRED UP ABOUT UFC 235 & Catches everyone up on all the latest news that everyone is discussing this week in the MMA SCENE!