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Legendary Dan Magnus Shares His Fav Stories of WWE + MMA

On a special upload EVil Eddie speaks with 2X World Kickboxing Champion and WWE / WCW Vet, Dan Magnus about being the ONLY person on the planet to make a comeback after having OPEN HEART SURGERY! Magnus starts the show off by telling us about how people have been breaking into his building the last 2 days and returned just before the start of the interview. Magnus shares his thoughts on hard sparring over the years and how the sports evolving. Dan talks about how Dana White was honored to hire his son as the official UFC photographer for the last few years but in the long run was upsetting to his son because he felt he was living off his fathers name and wanted to make his own path. Finally we dive into his girlfriend, Roxy Astors steady success over the years and how the Netflix series and Documentary have refueled a fire inside the original cast enough to possibly spark a WWE mini surprise segment for the real fans of OG G.L.O.W.

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EP,123 “Luis “Violent Bob Ross” Pena Previes TUF27 Finale vs SBG Dublins Richie Smullen

Today on the podcast TUF 27 standout, Luis "Violent Bob Ross" Pena joins EVil Eddie to relive his fav moments on this season and shares his views on some of the WTF moments that went down between the guys in the house. Pena shares his thoughts on his upcoming opponent who trains at SBG Dublin where Conor McGregor trains and tells us about moving out to train at AKA alongside D.C, Cain and Coach Rosendo.

Video: https://youtu.be/YKVONt8Ud0c

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Pure EVil MMA Ep.121 “TUF 27 Finale w/ D.C Coach: Rosendo Sanchezof AKA

EVil Eddie is back at it again for the 3rd time this week with a high profile guest for MA Fans, Rosendo Sanchez, Boxing Coach at AKA alongside Cain / D.C / Khabib etc.. Rosendo opens up about his fav moments on the season and his 1st impression of the guys on day 1 until now. Finally he shares what he can about Cains return...? and What him and 50 Cent spoke about backstage at Bellator 199..?

  • Todays Topics
  • TUF 27 Final Episodes Recap
  • Hendricks Hangs It Up
  • Thug Rose Getting Backlash For Getting Help?
  • Upcoming Fights
  • + MORE



(EP.120.5) “Rashad Evans TOP 5 | Conor vs Khabib | DWTNCS Worries & MORE”

EVil Eddie sticks to his promis to go LIVE on tuedays at 1pm ET to disucuss whatever is being discussed on social media inside the MMA Scene. Special Guest Brandon Marotte talks future at FW now that hes 2-0 as a pro and coming off a 1st round finish at CES 50.

Todays Topics:

Rashad Evans Best Moments

Conor vs Khabib

DWTNCS Week 3 Preview & Worries

Bellator Updates on Lyoto and Future Plans


Pure EVil MMA (Ep.120) “w/ Dhiego Lima | Cowboys Future | ESPN DEAL”

This week on Pure EVil MMA EVil Eddie is joined by UFC's Dhiego Lima (@DHLimaMMA) who discusses some of th elatest hot topics in MMA. Lima gets into TUF 25 and how TJ Dillashaw did as a coach and what it was like to fight friends once again. Lima also gets into his brothers fight vs Rory MacDonald and states that Bellator wont give him a rematch and has reasons to back it. He leaves off with some advice for any AMMY fighters in the scene.

After Dhiego parts ways EVil Eddie dives into:

  • Week 3 of DWTNCS
  • Cowboy vs Edwards 
  • Enjoying The Era We Are In
  • Ariel Helwani Perfect For ESPN or Bad Idea?

----   ( VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/jZcVZow88uM )  ----

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Pure EVil MMA EP.119 ” Elias Theodorou Calls Out Lyoto | G.L.O.W Original SUNNY | Shawn Teed OF DWTNCS”

This week on Pure EVil MMA Podcast EVil Eddie has an A List lineup once again for everyone. 

  • First interview of the day EVil Eddie speaks with another OG G.L.O.W Wrestler, Patricia Summerland AKA "SUNNY" ( @GlowSunnyGirl ) who shares how the Netflix series has given the original members a cult following, birthing new fans and bringing back nostalgic memories for the old fans. Sunny shares an extremely scary and serious story about being stalked by someone and how it made it onto "Americas Most Wanted" Top 10 list. Sunny has a message for anyone going through a hard time or similar situation dealing with stalkers and ends on a positive note by sharing some great news about the original members meeting up for a GLOW Musical and Season 2 viewing party over at ROXY Astors house.
  • Next EVil Eddie is joined by no other than the inaugural Invicta FC "RING BOY" and UFC top 15 Elias Theodorou ( @EliasTheodorou )), who tells us that he wants a fight with the legend Lyoto Machida in the next few months and shares why he is against the UFC taking away the early weigh ins.
  • To end the show we have up and coming fighter, Shawn Teed ( @Teed )whos getting ready to fight on week 7 of Dana Whites Tuesday Night Contender Series and tells fans what to expect and what it takes to get the contract from Dana White.

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EVil Eddie vs James McSweeney Show EP.1 “The NEW ERA Is Bright”

WELCOME TO A BRAND NEW Bi-Weekly Podcast Hosted By UFC Veteran + TUF 10 #1 Pick, James "The Hammer" McSweeney and East Coasts Own EVil Eddie of Pure EVil MMA and MMA Correspondent for MyMMANews.com

On Episode 1 the guys discuss some of the latest MMA Headlines :

  • Jon Jones Bones vs Brock Lesnar
  • Retirement In MMA Not Taken Seriously ( Bradd Pickett Signs to ACB )
  • Bellator HWGP Predictions (Sonnen vs Fedor | Matt vs Bader)
  • Reminisce The Ultimate fighter Season 10 Kimbo Slice 2 year Anniversary 
  • The Money Era
  • ESPN + UFC Joining in 2019   

  (  Video Link: https://youtu.be/zf5XVLFodt0  )

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CES 50 RECAP SHOW: w/ AND NEW Andre Ewell |Mallory Martin | Jose Lugo | Fabio Cherant | Chris O’Brien

Today on Pure EVil MMA EVil Eddie is joined by a gang of CES 50 fighters who are coming off a crazy weekend at the Twin River Casino in Rhode Island. 

  • First to join the podcast is Jose Lugo (2-0) coming fresh off a win via RNC in the 2nd Round vs Michael Taylor. Lugo shares his story of his little girl who has a very serious condition and gives his stance on training while dealing with stressful situations.
  • Next Mallory Martin joins the show to discuss the drama that came at the weigh ins when her opponent did not make weight, in fact she was 17 lbs over the cut off. Unfortunately the fight was unable to make it to fight day, devastating Martin and her team.
  • Cage Titans Ammy Champion Chris "The Bearded Dragon" O"Brien calls in to give listeners a feel of the fight night vibes between MMA Media and East Coast fighters who came out to enjoy CES 50 and cheer on their locals.
  • Fabio Cherant(2-0) calls in, whos coming off another 1st round finish vs Marquis Allen. Fabio shares what was going through his head during the first few mins before getting the submission at 3:55.
  • To end todays Podcast we are blessed to be joined by the New Bantamweight Champion for CES, Andre "Afro Monkey" Ewell, who came into enemy territory vs local favorite Dinis "SweetBread" Paiva. Ewell helps us relive the first 2 rounds of the main event leading up to his 3rd round finish via submission. Ewell goes on to tells everyone he is looking for his shot to get on the upcoming UFC card in a few weeks and what to expect from him now that hes an East Coast Champion from the West Coast.
  • Lastly EVil Eddie gives his roundup of the event along with a rating between 1-10

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Weekend Preview: CES 50: Fabio Cherant & Lion Fight 45 Jordan Harris

Today on Pure EVil MMA, EVil Eddie is joined first by CES 50 LHW rising star, Fabio Cherant whos coming off a 13 second finish back at CES 48. Fabio gives his take on his upcoming opponent, Marcus Allen.some of the recent headlines and previews what fans can expect come June 15th on AXS TV for CES 50.

Next EVil Eddie is joined by Lion Fight 45 contender Jordan "Crazy J" Harris who gives us a look inside his life, Dragon Ball Z and his wild hair. Jordan is a classic Muay Thai fighter whos very polite and shows a lot of loyalty to people who give him opportunities to grow his career. His faith in god has helped him reach places he never thought he could.
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DWTNCS S:2 “Exclusive PREVIEW SHOW” w/ Nolan King

Today on the show, Nolan King ( @MMA_Kings ) joins EVil Eddie to give a rundown on what fans can expect in season 2 of "Dana Whites Tuesday Night Contender" and exclusively breaks some news. From Antonina Shevchenko, Nick Newell, a complete guide to who to keep an eye on this season along with changes in run time and platforms now that ESPN will be the taking in the UFC.

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TUF 27 EP.8 Recap W/ Suman Mokhtarian | UFC 225 Main Card Preview

Today on the podcast EVil Eddie is joined by TUF 27 Suman Mokhtarian ( @Suman_ATT ), who has an announcement for fight fans concerning his career. Suman relives the moment he sat in the UFC doctors office and found out about his ACL taking him out of the competition completely. Suman brings back some of the best highlights within the first few weeks like beefing with Luis Pena and dressing up like Delaney "Fight God" 2.0, before his fight vs Tyler Diamond.
Ending the podcast with a UFC 225 main card preview, breaking down what MMA fans are expecting in the CM Punk fight, and finally an update on the UFC Pickem League Leaderboard.
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DeAnna Bennett Puts A Bounty On Her Front Tooth

The Ultimate Fighter Season 26 #4 seed, DeAnna Bennet joins EVil Eddie to talk about the latest highs and lows. Starting the podcast off by reliving UFC Utica: Sarj vs Lauren and a look at the entire division. The TUF 26 Finale is brought up where DeAnna's opponent Melinda Fabian was deducted a point for grabbing the cage during and the fight went on to end in a majority draw. Bennett goes on to tell us how she felt about being released by the UFC even though her opponent wasn't. DeAnna goes on to accept a bounty on her front tooth and weighs in on the recent BKFC PPV success and tells listeners that she is dying to get back in the cage as soon as possible and has a long term goal for her MMA Career.
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UFC Utica + BKB PPV Recap / Weekly Headlines w/ 10th Planets LauraLies

This weeks UFC Utica card is the topic of discussion with EVil Eddie and fellow MyMMANews journalist and 10th Planet Blue Belt, Laura Kent ( @LauraLies10P  ) but with so many headlines this week there was just too much to unravel and digest. 

On Todays Podcast:

  • UFC Utica
  • ESPN Deal And UFC Fight Pass Mess
  • Mike Bisping Retires In Bizarrely Quiet Way
  • BKB Event A Success Or Fail?
  • Weight Cutting And Judging Fail Disconnects
  • Rankings Are A Joke Or Are They Needed?
  • EBI Up Kicks Legalized + MORE!

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Mike “The Savage” Kimbel “More Than A Local Legend”"

This week on Pure EVil MMA Podcast EVil Eddie is joined by Bellators Mike "The Savage" Kimbel whos coming off an impressive first round win that came inside the first 90 seconds at Bellator 194 Main Card Roy vs Matt. Kimbel has some stand offish comments for some of the local talents around CT and is insistent that he has outgrown the local scene and is ready for that next step forward. Dillon Danis is brought up along with the benefits of cross training at different gyms and constintly challenging yourself. He shares a fun one up game that he does on his instagram page with fellow best friend and fighter Jesse "James"Kosakowski, where they jump incredible heights on one foot while looking slick. finally it becomes apparent towards the end of the show that Kimbel keeps it 100 and speaks what's on his mind with no filter but well thought out and very educated on the sport of MMA and what it takes to stand out and keep the gears flowing in your career. Last he shares how he gets hype when training and gives us a song to check out ( "The Ride" By Madeyouso).

( Video Link: https://youtu.be/-XTL4AiSubo )

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