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Special Upload: MMA REF Bill Bookwalter & Specialist Ben Velasquez Talks Concussions

This week we have a special throwback episode that is very informative and interesting between MMA Ref Bill Bookwalter and Streangth and Conditioning Coach, Ben Velasquez, whos helped former UFC Champ Chris Weidman and a handfull of Olympic athletes. 

1)  In the first part of the podcast youll hear from Bill as myself and Ted Czech ask him fan questions and get into the lifestyle of an MMA ref.

2)   The second part of this podcast you will be hearing from a very special guest interview that has stood out to me over time as a very educational interview for new and old fight fans. I dig deep and ask Ben to answer some age old myths and old wives tales about concussions and taking care of your body.

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Pure EVil MMA Podcast EP.70 “Askren vs UFC/Punk vs Newell/Bellator 200/Rashad Back

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“Jon Bones Hearing/ Brock + Dana Evil Plans/ Ronda Gone For Good + MORE

EVil Eddie is back in studio to rundown the latest headlines in Mstarting with

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  • UFC Pickem Winners (TOP 5)
  • Jon Bones Hearing Reactions
  • Dana White And Brock Post A Pic. Whats This Mean If Anything..?
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  • Members Of The Week 
  • UFC 222 And What Each Fight Means Moving Forward
  • + MORE!!!!!