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“UFC Orlando Preview SHOW + Pickem Winners”

This week EVil Eddie is all healed up an ready to breakdown UFC Orlando for fight fans looking to get pumped up for this weekends event in Florida. EVil Eddie takes a closer look at this FOx card and picks out a handful of sleepers that not many people have been talking about an follows up with some quick thoughts on recent media agenda from other MMA media. Closing the podcast EVil Eddie annunces the UFC Pickem winners from last weekends event.

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Antoine “Dark Knight” Caparotta of Cage Titans on Pure EVil MMA

Coming on this weeks podcast to make a huge announcement, Antoine "Dark Knight" Caparotta of East Coasts own South Shore Fighting + Fitness, is looking to leave a lasting impression on fight fans with his upcoming fight. Antoine also gives everyone a sneak peak update on local fav JoJo "Skeletor Giannetti making it on "The Ultimate Fighter". Antoine also touches on what decisions went into turning pro and how he pictured this moment compared to how it really played out.

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Wednesday Rewind: Jose “Shorty” Torres / UFC 22’s, Brad Kohler / UFC Vet. Dennis Hallman”


  • Holding the early record for quickest KO in UFC History at UFC 22 with a 30 second knockout over Steve Judson, Brad Kohler stops by to discuss his latest workout invention thats taking over the MMA Gym Community by storm, the "Combo Hitter". He gets into his thoughts on the so called "Money Era" + Fighters finding their place at the age 40+ with other outlets besides fighting.
  • Our second rewind interview is with a true mans mans, known for starting a fight on TUF: Rousey vs Tate, against Rondas coach Edmond, and hes also known for wearing a banana hammoc inside the octagon for his fights. Dennis Hallman joins EVil Eddie and Ted Czech to actually dicuss his fight on with Edmond that aired to millions at home and the real reason he was wearing a thing inside gthe octagon.
  • Finally our last guest of the REWIND is with future star, Jose "Shorty" Torres, who appeared on this podcast in 2016 and again in 2017. Recently Shorty made it big by appearing on "The MMA Hour" before his fight last weekend an followed it up by winning with a highlight reel finish via TKO, 

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Special Guest: Tat “Mean Bean” Romero on Pure EVil MMA

This Tuesdays Upload:

Legacy 38's Tat "Mean Bean" Romero talks with EVil Eddie about this rematch that has been 8 years in the making and goes down on AXS TV April 27th. Tat shares his deepest thoughts of why hes returning to the cage after recently stepping away/ his thoughts on the UFC having their 1st Native American Champion / Getting offers from either UFC or Bellator in 2018 / balencing life as a fighter and father + MORE!

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EVil Eddie does a 4AM sunrise wrap up of Bellator 194 after covering the fights with MyMMANews.com

RELIVE some of the best moments from Bellator 194 at Mohegan Sun, from Eddies perspective on Press Row. Help rate this card by tweeting @evil_ecco and tell us what you rate this event out of 5 stars.

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UFC 221 RECAP SHOW!!!!!!!

EVil Eddie relives all the best moments that fight fans should take away fro this weekends PPV event between Yoel vs Rockhold. 

UFC Pickem Winner Is Announced

Give Away Announced

Fight Of The Night Rewinds + MUCH MORE!

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EVil & IntoxicaTED #63 “Weekly MMA News: Big Brown vs FS1 |Champ vs Champ Era| MayMac2 + MORE”

EVil Eddie ( @evil_ecco )  & Ted Czech ( @TedCzech ) grace fight fans with their wish and return to the studio to breakdown all the latest MMA NEWS and as always they answer your questions you sent in via Twitter.

_ Fight Announcements
_ Cyborg Gets Next Fight
_ CM Punk vs "The Truth" Jackson
_ Champ vs Champ Trend
_ Floyd vs Mighty Mouse
_ Valentina Next In Line For Title, Fair?
_ UFC 221 Main Card Predictions
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Weekend Recap: “CES MMA 48″ w/ Nolan King

EVil Eddie is back instudio after a weekend of traveling to MMA Events. CES 48 is re-lived on todays podcast with special guest Nolan King ( @MMA_Kings ) who sat next to EVil Eddie on Press Row this past weekend to witness a very very interesting card full of potential UFC talent

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EP.66 “Weekly MMA News Updates + Guest UFC WW Max “Pain” Griffin

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA Podcast hosted by EVil Eddie of MyMMANews.com
On this weeks podcast we run down the latest headlines surrounding MMA.
UFC 220 / Souza vs Brunson Recap
UFC Pickem Winners are announced from past 2 weeks
Thug Rose vs Joanna 2
Mayweather teasing idea of UFC Debut
Nate Diaz will return sometime this summer vs....
PVZ Jumping The Broom or The Can I Forget!
Special Guest; UFC welterweight, Max "Pain" Griffin calls into the Pure EVil MMA studio to discuss his upcoming fight vs Mike Perry on FOX! (Remastered Interview)
Members Of The Week Are Announced
Weekend Promo Preview / Lyoto (22-8) vs Anders (10-0)